FOR SALE: 88+- Acres Jasper County IL Deer Hunting Property 2451L

Jasper County| 88 Acres| $309,000| Hildago IL

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Superb Big Deer Patch!

88+ Acres in Northeastern Jasper County IL - Superb Big Deer Patch!

Deer hunters, I am very intimate with this property!  I pretty much set it up and it has not been shot up at all.  Two good bucks over the last 8 years is all that has come off this property.  The property has approximately 3 acres available to food plot with a 1.5 acre bean plot in the back completely out of sight and I promise you after gun season it turns into a big deer magnet! Seven years ago certain portions of the farm were timbered and to be honest timbered hard.  There were some nice trees however that was not the reason these areas were picked to be cut.  The property from its inception was strictly designed to grow and hold big deer.  In the 7 years this guy owned this is what has progressed:

Year 1: About 40 acres of timber was cut and then we went back through and cut some more.

Year 2, EHD just wiped it out! With numerous good deer dead. Up and down the creek was littered with dead bucks.

Year 3: It was obvious we needed to hold some more doe and improve the rut action as well as shore up some late season action so in came the bulldozer, track hoes and skid steers.  We pushed over the trees and created natural fencing to encourage the deer to move through the property in a manner conducive to taking good deer while putting very little pressure on the property itself.  Hundreds of tons of top soil was hauled in to elevate the plot slightly.  Additionally, we created small but deep water holes for the dear even though there is a moving creek just to make it convenient for deer to hole up in the brush.  A soybean plot was established on every available acre and the deer population probably tripled and so did the buck sightings! Three years of soybeans have trained the late season boys to come spend the winters on this property!

There is still approximately 30 acres of unharvested hardwoods. These hardwoods are in an area we did not want the bucks to take up residence in so we left them stand.  The timbered area for the most part is difficult to walk through; it is thick. With a predominate west wind in mind with variants from NW to SW, this farm and the stand locations was set up with that in mind and I suspect 50 or 60 acres of this property has no human intrusions and is left for sanctuary for the deer.  We have changed the way the deer move through this property.  Low impact access was our goal to encourage the big boys to call this farm home. Interestingly we have bucks on one part of the farm on camera or by sight that we never see or have pictures of on the other side.  The idea was to put as little pressure on this farm as possible. Certain areas are the thickest nastiest stuff I’ve seen in Illinois and that was by design. The property has 5 small deer ponds, 7 very nice ladder deer stands, one firearm shooting house, one any weapon shooting house. It really needs a 360 blind in the bottom food plot. Gated entrance, 20 fruit trees and more sweat equity than I can describe.  The work is done; the quality is here just needs someone to come hunt it.

Why is it for sale?  Well I used to be partners with my dear friend that owns it now. To make the farm what we wanted, I moved on to another property and my old buddy well let’s just say old age has caught up with both of us.  The farm the past few years has been very lightly hunted.  I did the food plots and he hunted it.  We had a one buck limit of 150 or better.  This past year I was unable to answer the bell on the food plots and he has had some ailments.  If you just want to kill a 130" or 140” deer, this one is just too easy. It is setup for a serious deer hunter intent on killing 150” plus deer and in most cases, you will follow the buck’s progression as they seem to be home bodies.

I have only looked at about 2 of the 8 folders of deer camera pictures I have on this farm and the deer in these pictures as far as I know have survived.  We would not shoot any of these deer.  That said, if you own it, you can do as you wish but this property has not been shot up!

There is no income on this farm, I know that, however I know first-hand the amount of money and hard work it took to build this place and it is extensive!  Priced at $309,000 and available to hunt this year.

Property Details

  • Address: Co Rd 200N, Hidalgo IL
  • List Price: $309,000 / $3,475 per acre
  • Section 2, T8N-R10E
  • Whitetail and turkey hunting
  • Building site
  • Rural water
  • 3 tillable acres
  • Food plots
  • Marketable timber
  • Mineral rights included

Property Map

Co Rd 2200N and 1675E, Hildago, IL