81+- Acres Williamson County IL Deer and Turkey Hunting 2281L

Williamson County| 81 Acres| $198,000| Freeman Spur IL

Off Market

Excellent Hunt Property for Deer and Turkey!

Guys, this is a deer hunters patch with good turkey numbers and a potential for a few ducks.

Here's the story on this piece….The seller is an avid deer hunter looking to grow and hold big deer. He bought this place and has done extensive work with the mind set “big deer is the #1 goal”.  So, he went in and logged it, however, not just a typical logging deal.  Actually, there wasn’t a lot of timber per say anyway since he bought the property from a sawmill owner.  Anyway, in certain areas it was logged out very heavily, other areas not as much, but in most cases mostly young oaks were left. In doing so, the idea was to create multiple thickets within the property.  The tops were then drug around and placed to create barriers and make pinch points. The mind set was to place stands near the perimeter with the center of the property left alone. Every stand location was placed with the least intrusion onto the property as possible.  In the center is a swampy area, and all around the swamp has been clear cut except for scattered bur oak and swamp white oaks. So basically he used the tops from the cut timber to create funnels and with the intent to leave the center of the property undisturbed to hold a few good deer. The property has plenty of deer, much like the entire area, but this plan was to grow and hold big deer!  He also created two areas for food plots and several other small openings so the deer could have additional food sources. The entire West boundary is a railroad track. The south border is basically a substantial creek (Pond Creek) and the East is primarily a big open farm field and small creek. The food plots were seeded last year with wheat and ladino clover has been spread into the wheat this spring.

Now you asked why is he selling it after all this work?  Well, he found a much larger property to work with and as all us deer hunters know, we have to keep momma happy to. Anyway, they discussed it as a family and decide that this place needed to go as to afford the other spot. Up until just the last month, this tract was going to be his deer patch.

Guys, this thing is going to get good!  It's okay now, but it is going to be an awesome place. It has access from both the North and South and the RR right way makes access from the West about anywhere. Its borders are for the most part surrounded and controllable. One of the food plots is capable of having soybeans planted and never getting flooded. The farm has been completely surveyed and some fencing added to further create pinch points. The tough work and expensive stuff is done and the price is right!

Note to other real estate agents: This farm has a bonus to the selling agent! The owner is paying interest on 3 deer patches and would like to move it to reduce the load.

Property located just south of Freeman Spur.

Property Features

  • Address: Located 1/2 mile South of Freeman Spur IL
  • List Price: $198,000 / $2,445 Per Acre
  • Section 5 & 8, T8S-R2E
  • Whitetail, turkey and waterfowl hunting
  • Food plots

Property Map

Freeman Spur, IL