2090.87+- Acres Richland and Wayne Counties Timberland Wetland WRP Suveyed 2348L

Richland / Wayne County| 2,091 Acres| $4,390,827| Olney IL


Recreational Property Enrolled in Wetland Reserve Program

Surveyed! 2090.87+/- acres located in Wayne and Richland Counties! This farm is a sportsman's paradise and the chances of finding anything close to this in terms of size and hunting opportunities in Illinois is very slim, if even possible.  Approximately 2090.87 acres is enrolled into the WRP Program and has been for some time.  This summer the levees were rebuilt to make them wider and a bit easier to access the inner areas of the farm. The size of the shallow water areas impounded may be as large as any in the state within private ownership and most certainly in Southeastern Illinois.  The property is blessed with great upland habitat, mature hardwood timber, creeks and rivers along with the built wetlands. Since its inception into the wetlands program, the property has contributed to a positive change in the waterfowl opportunities in this region. I grew up duck hunting just to the north of this property and the opportunities were very limited as a young hunter. Over the past 30 years many changes have taken place in this area. I personally built several wetlands to the south of this farm several years back as have many other landowners. The warm water of nearby Newton Lake allows for a winter rest area when the temperatures dip too low. Additionally, other warm water lakes along the Illinois / Indiana border are just a short duck flight away as well. The vast river bottoms of the nearby Wabash, Little Wabash, Fox, Skillet Fork and Embarras Rivers have made Southeastern Illinois a duck hunting mecca that very few people even know about!  This property has been an integral part of this positive change; and now in the fall, this property holds 1000's upon 1000's of ducks and geese!  I have hunted this property; it’s not public hunting by no means either. However, when flooded, it's large enough you can hunt several guys, limit out on ducks and not even spook the ducks resting on the other side. The farm truly should be in the hands of IDNR, Ducks Unlimited or some other conservation group to protect what it’s become for the next generation of hunters.

After all that waterfowl talk, let me switch to something this area has always been known for - Big Whitetails!  The owner of this farm also owns an additional 3500 adjoining acres which is primarily farmland and as in the case of the waterfowl, it too is hunted but limited. You do know what happens in central Illinois when you have nearly 6000 acres of private land and 2500 of it is great cover and the other acres is planted to corn and beans right?  Giant whitetails and a very healthy population!!  This place is setup to kill them, great funnels, superb habitat and access from 10 or 12 different points allowing you to play the wind and rotate around the property. The remaining land is not for sale but the landowner is a farmer and you can bet he’s still going to be planting plenty of crops each year for the deer to scavenger on.

The turkey population is also very good!

As mentioned above, I am an avid duck hunter, a serious bow hunter, and yep I chase turkey to every spring. The past 45 years of hunting south central Illinois, I have never dreamed of owning another farm like this, and I have had some very good ones!  The property should be protected, that is a given, however there is no place in Illinois that you can buy a hunting paradise like this property. This isn’t a new wetland! The ducks have found it, they know it and they use it.  The deer, well, it only takes 4 years to grow giant deer and this farm has been growing them for a long time. Besides all my other hunting faults, another one I never mentioned is night time coyote calling. The owner of this farm has generously allowed me to do that also on his farm, mostly on his tillable acreage with Night Vision. But the reason I mention this is that you should see what walks out of this place after dark!! Hey, it’s expensive no doubt. And, most of us can only dream; however, if your blessed enough to be able to swing a place like this and enjoy hunting, make sure you look this opportunity over good as there are very few of these places ever going to pop up in one’s lifetime!

Asking price of $2,100 per acre.

Property Map

Co Rd 2375N, Olney, IL