ONLINE AUCTION: Williamson & Johnson Co IL 1870+- Acres / Wooded Creek Bottom / 2897A

Williamson County| CLOSES Thur, July 13 | 1870 Acres| Creal Springs IL

ONLINE AUCTION: Williamson and Johnson County IL 1870+- Acres

Bidding Starts Saturday, June 10, 2023

Bidding Closes Thursday, July 13, 2023 at 8PM CST

Property Inspection: By Appointment - Contact Auctioneer Wayne Keller at 618-407-1679

Property Address: Creal Springs IL


The year was 1989 and the City of Marion Illinois was a blossoming city along I-57 in Williamson County IL.  Businesses were expanding, the population was growing and city leaders realized it was only a matter of time before the city outgrew its water supply.  City leadership decided to build a new city lake.  One large enough the city would never need to worry about its water supply again.  After exhaustive studies and engineering a site was chosen just South of Creal Springs in Williamson and Johnson Counties IL. The first property was purchased in 1989.  The area to be purchased along Sugar Creek was determined to be from the 504 and 510 MSL elevation line and below which encompassed 2120+ acres.

Over several years the balance of the property was acquired and plans were being laid out for construction. However red tape and environmental studies kept pushing back the start of construction.  Meanwhile the city was able to acquire water from Rend Lake Conservation District to meet its needs at an economical rate, and permits could not be obtained to build the lake.

So, the decision has been made to sell the property…


1870+- acres offered in its entirety, as one tract….Wooded creek bottom property located SE of Creal Springs IL in Williamson and Johnson Counties.  The property is 5+- miles long and from 3 miles wide to a few hundred feet wide in other areas.  It was originally purchased to the 510 & 504 MSL elevation and below for the purpose of creating a 1430+- acre lake to supply water for the rapidly growing City of Marion Illinois. You will find it to be a very rugged property with Sugar Creek meandering through it. Excellent Whitetail habitat!

For more information call / text Auctioneer Wayne at 618-407-1679.

Note 1: Within the boundaries of the property are 2 tracts (denoted with red white dashed lines) of RR Right of Way totaling 4+- acres which will be transferred by Quit-Claim Deed.

Note 2:  This is a large rugged property and it is recommended that no one enter the property alone.

Taxes: City owned and Tax -Exempt. It is advised that the buyer have the property entered into the Conservation Stewardship Program or Timber Management before November 1, 2023 to avoid the Recreational Tax for Tax year 2024 and beyond.

Directions: See interactive map below for property.

Legal: Title Policy coming soon.


Auctioneer's Comments:  Acreage has been reduced from 1971 acres to 1870. A book of individual surveys for all tracts making up this property will be given to the buyer.



NO CONTINGENCIES: This Real Estate contract is not contingent on or subject to Buyer’s financing, appraisal, survey or inspections of any kind or any other contingencies as agreed to by bidders at registration prior to bidding. Have your financing verified before you bid.

PROCEDURE: Property will be offered as a single tract with no divisions. Bidding Per Acre with $5.00 Per Acre Bid Increments.  Minimum opening bid is $1070 per acre.  Upon receiving the opening bid the sale will become Absolute and sell to the highest bidder.

ZONING AND EASEMENTS: Property is being sold subject to any and all easements of record. Property is subject to all state and local zoning ordinances.

REAL ESTATE TAXES: Presently Tax-Exempt. Seller will owe 2022 taxes pro-rated from date of closing in 2023.  It is advised that the buyer have the property entered into the Conservation Stewardship Program or Timber Management before November 1, 2022 to avoid the Recreational Tax for Tax year 2023 and beyond.

SURVEY: Survey plats of the individual parcels making up this property will be provided.

MINERAL: Any mineral owned will transfer, if any.

CONTRACT AND DOWN PAYMENT: Contract for purchase to be signed within 24 hours of close of auction. A 10% down payment of the total contract purchase price will be due immediately after being declared the winning bidder. The down payment may be paid in the form of personal check, wire transfer, business check or cashier's check and received within 3 business days. Earnest check to be made to Buy A Farm Land & Auction Co. Trust Account. The balance of the contract purchase price is due at closing.

TITLE: Sellers shall furnish the Buyer(s) at Seller's expense marketable title in the form of Title Commitment, Title Insurance, a proper deed conveying merchantable title to the real estate to the buyer(s) and tax transfer stamps.  Buyer will pay the deed recording and fees associated with mortgage/financing. Title companies closing fee will be split equally by Buyer & Seller.

CLOSING: Closing shall occur within 45 days or as soon thereafter as applicable closing documents are completed. Seller shall pay for recording release from any mortgage. Buyer shall pay for recording the deed of conveyance from Seller and any mortgage title insurance charges. Any closing costs not herein provided for shall be borne by Buyer. Seller shall cause the Closing Statement to be delivered to Buyer at or before the closing.

POSSESSION: Possession will be given at closing, subject to the farm lease on the small acreage. More details coming soon.

AGENCY: Buy A Farm Land & Auction Co LLC. is the Agent and Representative of the Seller.

The information is believed to be accurate; however, no liability for its accuracy, errors or omissions is assumed the owners or Buy A Farm Land & Auction Co. LLC. All lines drawn on maps, photographs, etc. are approximate. Buyers should verify the information to their satisfaction. There are no expressed or implied warranties made by the Seller(s) or Buy A Farm Land & Auction Co LLC pertaining to this property. Real estate is being sold "As Is, Where Is".

AUCTIONEER: Wayne Keller, IL Lic #441.002475  IL / Managing Broker #471.002958.

Property Map

Creal Springs, IL