FOR SALE: 1870+- Acres Williamson & Johnson Co IL / Wooded Creek Bottom / 2897AL

Williamson County| 1,870 Acres| $2,244,000| Creal Springs IL


Wooded Creek Bottom Property

Property Address: SE of Creal Springs IL


The year was 1989 and the City of Marion Illinois was a blossoming city along I-57 in Williamson County IL.  Businesses were expanding, the population was growing and city leaders realized it was only a matter of time before the city outgrew its water supply.  City leadership decided to build a new city lake.  One large enough the city would never need to worry about its water supply again.  After exhaustive studies and engineering a site was chosen just South of Creal Springs in Williamson and Johnson Counties IL. The first property was purchased in 1989.  The area to be purchased along Sugar Creek was determined to be from the 504 and 510 MSL elevation line and below which encompassed 2120+ acres.

Over several years the balance of the property was acquired and plans were being laid out for construction. However red tape and environmental studies kept pushing back the start of construction.  Meanwhile the city was able to acquire water from Rend Lake Conservation District to meet its needs at an economical rate, and permits could not be obtained to build the lake.

So, the decision has been made to sell the property…


1870+- acres offered in its entirety, as one tract….Wooded creek bottom property located SE of Creal Springs IL in Williamson and Johnson Counties.  The property is 5+- miles long and from 3 miles wide to a few hundred feet wide in other areas.  It was originally purchased to the 510 & 504 MSL elevation and below for the purpose of creating a 1430+- acre lake to supply water for the rapidly growing City of Marion Illinois. You will find it to be a very rugged property with Sugar Creek meandering through it. Excellent Whitetail habitat!

Note 1: Within the boundaries of the property are 2 tracts (denoted with red white dashed lines) of RR Right of Way totaling 4+- acres which will be transferred by Quit-Claim Deed.

Note 2:  This is a large rugged property and it is recommended that no one enter the property alone.

Taxes: City owned and Tax -Exempt. It is advised that the buyer have the property entered into the Conservation Stewardship Program or Timber Management before November 1, 2023 to avoid the Recreational Tax for Tax year 2024 and beyond.

Directions: See interactive map below for property.

Property Map

Creal Springs, IL